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One of many great b-sides released by The Verve, this one released right after their first breakup as part of the first History EP.

It’s a bit difficult to come by most of their pre 1993 b-sides, though some of them have been showing up on Youtube over the last three years. You might also want to have a listen to Grey Skies, The Longest Day, and the Happiness More Or Less remix of Lucky Man.

Maybe someday these songs will get a proper release. Maybe. (How much faith do you have in the music industry?)

Read about the possible release of Verve rarities here.

On that note, it’s tempting to do a re-write of NWYW.
Music was my muse for that story. Pretty much all of it was spurred about by some Black Rebel Motorcycle Club song or another. (Or most of their discography, honestly.)

I think if I did it again, I’d want to round it out a bit more. More art. More feelings. More ideas.

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