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I’m so hungover. I crashed my own house party last night.
I also got blackout drunk for the first time in months. I woke up in bed, fully clothed, jacketed and wearing shoes.

The house is a disaster and the cat is nowhere in sight. Solution? Pour another from the keg and watch Last Crusade.

My roommate is having a massive birthday house party today (like 40+ people) and I’m just super uncomfortable with the way this is all panning out.
I feel like I’m OBLIGATED to be here, despite the fact that I hate house parties and won’t know any of the people attending. Kenton can’t stay because he has to run sound at the Beggar tonight because we desperately need the money (which seems to be an inconvenience to the host of the party, but sorry… eating next week takes a higher priority than your birthday) and now we’re being given this list of things to do before the party to get the house set up.

Am I in the wrong for being really uncomfortable with this? I didn’t suggest this party, it wasn’t my idea and if I didn’t feel like I was being pressganged into being here I would be doing something else with my Saturday.

Mostly I’m just really pissed.

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