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  • Renly:

    I'll make you a member of my kingsguard if you win a melee against 200 men.

  • Brienne:

    I've got this.

  • Catelyn:

    Please escort a prisoner on your own through the war ridden country.

  • Brienne:

    I've got this.

  • Locke:

    Let's cosplay my favourite song with a real life bear.

  • Brienne:

    I've got this.

  • Cersei:

    I want to talk to you about boys.

  • Brienne:


I don’t know how to feel.

My roommate that I called the cops on a few weeks ago says he just found a huge spider in the house and is freaking out about it and trying to get the cats to eat it and now he’s lost the spider and is quite obviously terrified and I’m sort of really, really enjoying this in some sick way.


I’m also very terrified of spiders myself and gosh, I don’t want to find this bastard later.

But this is so worth that possibility, I’m sorry.

Ohhh my God Cale. It’s ridiculous.

This guy and his friends are posting all over Facebook being like, “The worst part about this is that so and so was going to give all of the door money and funds from merch sold to the families of the kids who were murdered.”

I went on buddy’s Facebook page and if he was planning on doing such a noble thing, he certainly made no mention of it when he posted that he’d be playing at the Beggar on Saturday and hoped to see everyone there.

You would think that if he was going to drum up some support for such an admirable and selfless cause, he might at least mention it BEFORE the event.

I call bullshit.

But you know… whatever it takes to get people on your side. I’m just… hugely offended that this dickhole and his friends are using the memories of Zack and Josh to paint their own childish behaviour in a nice, rose coloured, well-intentioned light.

If things work out the way I think they’ll work out, this waste of skin will never play another show in this city.

It’s sooooo hard to not say anything on Facebook. I have so much to say… but I need my job and I don’t want to make things worse.

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